#3 Highest Population Growth in Population with a Bachelor's Degree or Higher since 1980
The Atlantic and National Journal,  November 2013

Private, Charter and International Schools

Private Schools

Wake County is home to 79 private schools with an enrollment of 15,745 students.

For more information about Private Schools, including a list of private schools in Wake County, please visit the North Carolina Department of Administration's Division of Non-Public Education website.

Charter Schools

Charter Schools are an alternative to public schools. Charter schools are funded by federal, state, and local tax dollars, and are tuition-free. There are currently 19 Charter Schools in Wake County.

For more information about charter schools, please visit the North Carolina Office of Charter Schools website.

International Schools

As Wake County and the Triangle attract more international residents, there comes a larger demand for international schools.

Raleigh Academy of Chinese Language
Cary Chinese School


Japanese Language School of Raleigh

Spanish for Fun